Content Management Systems

Giving you, the owner or authorised user of the website the full control of it, with a password protected entry page you can add / delete and change page content with no need to make requests or call on a web designer again.

This is the website type option you want if you have the need or desire to update your own website and add text and images to your site once it has been put live.

You may need this option as you will always need to make ongoing changes to your site over the months and years and if you want this done instantly and without additional cost you can ensure you can change your phone numbers, add news items, add new products and services and update your prices all without requiring the webdesign company to get involved.

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Starter CMS Package

Our starter package specifically aimed towards small sized businesses offer great flexibility for anyone wanting a fully featured website but is on a budget. The small business / starter package lets you add, amend and remove your own website content and offers you the website owner a secure, quick and simple way to control the text and images on your website

Design and Build up to a  10 page fully adaptable custom CMS system website. The site will be brand consistent, clean and clear and easy to navigate. It will be easy on the eye with a professional finish. Your site will be built correctly with basic optimisation to achieve positive results within search criteria as specified,  and with training you will be able to update your website.

The cost will include, hosting and setting up e mails.

There are other options if you do not want the CMS, you could have a brochure website, The main difference is that then you have you pay a website support charge every time that you are want to change anything on your website, therefor if you need to update your own site regulartly a good suggestion would be a CMS.Website

Includes Starter SEO package £899.

Professional CMS Package

Utilising professional CMS packages, this is the option that gives you total freedom of any of the content on your site and will give you the benefit of being able to add / delete complete pages as your business expands and changes over the months and years.

  • Content Management (Build & Add Your Own Pages)
  • Advanced SEO package
  • Secure Admin Entry Panel
  • Search Engine Friendly design
  • W3C Standards Based Coding
  • Very Powerful and Easy To Use

This package really is a very powerful and professional website tool that offers you the ability to add / delete and change any text or image on any page on your website, This option is the springboard for your website and sets you up for success for you and your website for your business.