Business Brochure Websites

Your website comes in 3 flavours and offer all the functionality you need to get a great website off the ground.

All 3 flavours come with domain name purchase and hosting for one year and enough email accounts to keep you more than happy.

The three varieties vary in the number of pages and the level of search engine optimisation we can provide. The 3rd level offers an ecommerce facility that is limited to PayPal / Google Checkout and is suitable for business that are selling single items or services.

£899 – £1899

CMS Websites

Giving you the ability to update your own pages, details on CMS.

Search Engine Optimisation

This really is one of our favorite things and the reason we like it is because we are good at it. Recent clients using our SEO searching have achieved 10 individual competitive search terms within the top 10 of and While operating in a very competitive field you will want a SEO force on your site to help your business dominate the main keywords / search terms that you are targeting.

SEO is not a short term or quick fix solution, we design sites that will stand the test of time and that are W3C compliant from day one to ensure your site has the very best chance to rank highly.

Our search engine friendly sites give you every opportunity to then take us up on our SEO package to give your site a boost up the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rankings.

More details about our SEO projects.

3 Month SEO package £1200 – £1500


You want to make money from the Internet selling goods or services?

You want a website where the client can put multiple items in their shopping cart and you want them to be able to pay by debit or credit card?

You want your site to use the latest cutting edge Ecommerce platforms and payment gateways?

If you just answered ‘Yes’ to the previous 3 questions then get in touch with us and we can get you existing website converted to be an ecommerce platform or we will create your website from scratch as an ecommerce platform.

Giving you total control of your stock and pricing structure, we hold your hand to help you operate your site.

£1500 – £2500

All our websites are tested to work on all common web browsers and mobile devices.