These are some of the many things people ask us and will be adding to these over the next months to give you an idea of what is involved in starting a new business with a Website.

New website clients, sometimes have no idea about what they want but sometimes have done some research and have a good amount of knowledge about their requirements before contacting the website designers. We would always recommend that if you are thinking about getting your own website you research ‘website design’ (Google is your friend here) and come prepared with some questions like these below that a Thurrock Wedding Planning company could ask us.

[Website Owner] I am in the process of setting up my own wedding planning company specialising in weddings abroad (happy to discuss our vision, aim etc). I have bought both .com and domain names from a website registration / hosting company so I know they are secure. Both include a basic hosting package, domain locking and registrant privacy. I have played around with website design before but find most options rather restrictive (and I’m far from an IT expert). As a result and due to time restrictions I am looking for professional assistance, please find below my initial requirements:
For my new company I hope for the website to be exquisite! It has to capture what our company is all about, luxurious weddings in sensational locations and it has to have the wow factor, especially when it comes to weddings.

[Website Designers] Good, we like wedding websites and we can give you the wow factor, we have done lots of wedding related sites and this will benefit yours undoubtedly. It’s also important to point out the value of  ‘holistic website design’ that we practise, meaning that it’s important to get the website purpose or ‘function’, framework, browser compatibility, navigation, ‘calls to action’, design, security, appearance and search engine friendliness (SEO) all correct together.

[Website Owner]  I also would like the website to have features, for example as part of my service I want to be able to offer couples the opportunity to have their own website in the run up to their big day. I imagine as a link off from mine i.e. website name/ (not sure if these are called sub domains as the other website hosting company include some in there package?) I wish to be able to maintain the couples website and provide wedding updates and relevant information for the couple and their guests. A simple template that can be updated and which can be removable once a wedding date has passed, could you make this happen?

[Website Designers] This is a good idea / easy and not a problem to arrange but my concern is with your choice of hosting and will talk to you more about this when we chat at our meeting.

[Website Owner]  I would also like to be able to update the website when I need to and add in more pages as our portfolio of wedding locations increase.

[Website Designers] The website can be totally under your control and you will be able to add more pages easily from an admin menu.

[Website Owner]  It is imperative that when people search weddings abroad or destination weddings in google our website appears on the first page, as far to the top as possible. I presume keywords are an essential component of this, are you able to make this happen?

[Website Designers] You mention ‘keywords’ which is good as you probably know people don’t all search for the same thing to find out about weddings abroad, but will talk to you about website ranking and how much work needs to be put into a new website and its promotion onsite and offsite (Search Engine Optimisation) to achieve high rankings in a competitive sector.

[Website Owner] When our website appears in the google search results it would be great to have links underneath (hope you know what I’m referring to)…is this possible?

[Website Designers] Yes simple 🙂

[Website Owner]  I would like my email accounts synced to outlook and a company blackberry or mobile device so I can have instant access and communication at all times; it is essential that my emails are also available internationally via my email account/blackberry or mobile device are you able to do this?

[Website Designers] Yes simple, this is a standard offering on all websites we host, we can even set up your email on your laptop or PC remotely, we also issue you with setup instructions for your email account(s).

[Website Owner]  I am looking to develop my logo and would like a logo designed please, happy to discuss.

[Website Designers] We have a graphic designer that can help you out but I also am aware you are on a budget so perhaps you can use a graphical logo of your website name short term? we have options for you depending on budget.

[Website Owner]  I have heard that flash websites (although they look fab) do not work on all computer and are not compatible with hand held devices e.g. the iPhone, is this correct?

[Website Designers] Yes you heard right, they also don’t work on non-flash compatible Internet Browsers. Flash is a dying technology especially as a new coding standard (HTML5) can do a lot of what flash can achieve. Additionally Flash is expensive to design / develop / update and maintain so we do very very few flash websites. (but sometimes do a flash logo that is intelligent enough to revert to a static image on non-flash enabled devices or browsers)

[Website Owner] Obviously I am a new start-up company and I do not have a big budget at present, however I feel the website will play an essential part in our marketing strategy. I am happy to discuss my ideas in more detail and would of course welcome your professional opinion.

[Website Designers] Good, we can work to a budget but also give you some options and offer you some choices where you could do some of the work to save costs. Lastly, are you able to provide us with an idea of costs as obviously this will play a big part in our final website decision?

Sure, can give you a rough estimate depending on your answers above, ideally reply to my questions then give me a call (I am James and the Project Manager, we are based in Stanford-le-Hope, Thurrock in Essex).

New business website

You will be no-doubt interested to know that these answers were accompanied by further website information, continue to read about this website project.