Well if you have then you must be excited and worried in equal measures, don’t forget we were in your position at one stage and know what is going through your mind. You may have recently been made redundant and have used that as an opportunity to go into business on your own, or this may have been something you have wanted to do for years but have been putting it off until you were ready, you have arrived at this page so, you are ready.

Firstly congratulations, it takes some drive and determination to decide to startup on your own and we can ensure that your business is featured on the Internet in the best possible way.

Your Business needs a website

There is quite a lot of information here, you can either read it and then phone or email us or simply phone us and we will explain the process to you simply and easily, our contact details are here.

We can offer you the full range of website design services that new business will require. if you are a tradesman like an electrician, plumber, decorator, heating engineer, builder or if you provide a service like gardener, dog grooming or ironing then we have business brochure sites that will ensure your products and services are shown in their best light.If you want to sell your goods online then we can create an ecommerce website shop for you to so that you can sell your products to the whole world or perhaps just to the Uk to start with. These are just two types of websites that typically new businesses require and we have plenty of success stories of companies that we have helped achieve their dream.

Its also possible that you are a company that has been operating and trading for a while and now see that it’s your time to get yourself on the Internet and let the whole world know what you are about.

If you want to see what sort of quesions and the answers we give to new website clients then take a look at our Thurrock Website Questions page.

After you make contact we like to have an initial chat on the phone or to meet up to ensure we know exactly what you are about and what your company is hoping to achieve, this is an important time and one we like to go away from knowing what we need to achieve in order to make your website a success for your company. We like to think that we provide friendly, expert guidance to the person that hasn’t even been on the Internet or to Internet beginners yet or we can provide a good sounding board for the mature business that has a clear vision of what they need.

Your website will only be a true benefit to your company’s success if it is built with a clear picture and understanding of what your company is offering or selling or even promoting.

We look at your site how your potential clients and customers will look at it and search for it and how they will ‘surf’ through it, we take a lot of time ensuring your new business site gives them what they want or need.

Your site may only need to be a few pages long to get your message across or you may need a larger site with multiple photo galleries detailing your product or service. If you want to run an e-commerce website it’s possible that you need to have full control of your stock and we will then offer you a site with a full shopping facility. Giving you the solution to your business need, your new website will soon become a vital part of your company so it’s important to start it right. All our services come in different flavours so we can ensure you get exactly what you need, we have no set solutions and offer bespoke, unique designs to all our clients. After all how would you feel if your competitor’s website looked exactly like yours!

Barely a week goes past without this relatively new medium of the Internet evolving with new advancements in website technologies. We aim to always be aware of these technologies and use the most appropriate ones for your needs, we aren’t a company that uses new technologies for the sake of it but if they have a proven business benefit and they are cost effective we want to use them if they give you an advantage. All our sites adhere to the latest industry standards laid down by the web standards council (W3C) and you will notice a w3c button at the bottom of this page, press it to prove we have valid XHTML and CSS code on this website.

Hoping that you have now returned from the standards check, we ensure your site looks and functions perfectly today and in the future, this is regardless of what browser or platform is used to view your website. The fact that we use CSS means the look and feel of your site can be changed independently of the content to ensure a new look can be applied reasonably quickly and cheaply in the future so if you get bored of your colour scheme or you eventually think your site is ‘old fashioned’ we can come along and give it a fresh lick of paint for you.

Your new small business needs to be found by people and you will be glad to know we are aware of how to do this. All our sites are build with Google, MSN and Yahoo closely at the forefront of our minds, the reason being there is no point having the best looking website if nobody ever sees it. We need to make sure the whole world knows your company exists.Our sites are written in such a manner that the various search engines find it particularly easy to ‘read’ the code.

We do this by creating our sites knowing that the search engines need to decide what your site offers so it ranks it accordingly, there is no point selling lcd monitors online if the search engines think that you sell lcd televisions ! You may have hundreds of visitors to your site but if they are looking for something you argent offering then they are of no use to you.

We know how the search engines operate, well we cant claim to know exactly how they rank each keyword as there are possibly over 200 items in the algorithm that Google uses to rank a website. But we know about the vast majority of them to ensure your site is featured highly for it’s specific market. All our website packages offer the facility that after we complete the site we ensure it’s submitted to the leading search engines.

You have now spent a while reading what we hope will be simple to understand basic information on what you need and what we can offer you, there is no need to worry if you are new to the Internet (web), we will explain all you need to know in a clear and simple manner we will help you every step of the way from choosing your domain name (website name like www.delicious-webdesign.com) to hosting your site (storing your website on our computers) and we will even hold your hand when using your email for the first time. Don’t worry it’s really easy and the way we explain it you will be up and running with your new website, emailing your new clients and customers before you know it, now get in touch with us and we can start you on your journey.

New business website

Your new business needs a new website and that website needs a name :

  • Website name – You will need a domain name; a “www.” address like www.bbc.co.uk.. We will help you decide your name as it’s not always best to simply have your company name as your website name and give you advise on the type is most appropriate and effective for your business(.types or TLD choices include co.uk, .com, .net, .org) once we have that name we register the website for you.
  • Hosting – Your website needs to be stored on a powerful computer called a ‘server’ so it’s served to anyone in the world that visits your website by putting your website name into their web browser.Our hosting servers are in the UK, Germany and the US using only the best and most reliable servers to ensure your website appears anytime day or night.

Website Design Proposals

We Will produce a Website Design Proposal similar to this one for you to refer to before we commence work.
To confirm your project with us, it is inperative that you read your project specification document, and agree with it.
Please also review your invoice before booking in the project with us.
Once you are satisfied and happy to progress, please read and accept any terms associated with your project.