Have a look at how your website design process could be achieved via the communication between your website design company and yourself. The example is for a Redesign for an Ecommerce Photography website.

[Photography Website Redesign Request] I am a photographer in the UK. Just over a year ago I had my website made by an Australian Website Designer in Brisbane and I feel like it’s just average.

In a year from now I will move back to my home in Brisbane, Australia but plan keep my photography business with my team to take care of the jobs. I will go back to the business location and shoot for several months every year. So basically my team will do the jobs and I will do the marketing, emails and blogging. So I want a new look to incorporate the changes that will be happening to my business.

Now I use WordPress and like it so seems this is the way to go. I’d like to go for a new logo, CD design and business card design also. I’m not even sure if you work with overseas clients so drop me a line. I’m in no hurry and know you are very busy and in demand.

[Website Design Company] Thanks for the message! Thanks to the Internet, I’m able to work with a lot of overseas clients. Currently, I’m working on projects with photographers lots of countries. Below is the info regarding the services you inquired about:

Logo Design (£250) – includes five initial design concepts and then one is chosen for further editing, if needed. Up to two rounds of revisions available. Additional work beyond this (although rarely needed) is billed at £30/hour. Clients provided with both raster and editable vector file formats.

Photo Ecommerce Website (£1500)

Photo Ecommerce and Blog customisation (£300) – includes the design of the main blog layout and up to three pages (about, investment, etc…) Additional pages are £75 each. One design concept and up to two rounds of revisions are included. Any additional edits beyond this is billed at £30 per hour. Rate quoted includes the upload and activation of the new site design onto your web server/domain.

Branding materials (£150) – business card and custom DVD label. One design concept and up to two rounds of revisions.

We could begin the logo design work within 4 weeks and the other parts of the project would follow thereafter. All spots on the schedule are first come, first serve. A 50% deposit and signed service agreement needed to book. Turnaround times vary, but I’d estimate 8 weeks max for all of the above to be completed…could be sooner though.

So if you book, you would first need to complete my project planner questionnaire and complete an inspiration board of images, colors, fonts, patterns, textures, etc. that you believe represents the overall look and feel you want for your brand.

I’m happy to answer any other questions you might have, or if you’re ready to move forward I can get the paperwork sent to you for booking. Thanks so much!

You’ll find the next step attached, which is to complete the project planner questionnaire between now and your project start date

[Website Design Company] Hope you had a fabulous Holiday. I’m excited to share the attached design concept with you. I incorporated the subtle linen texture you like and lots of little personal touches here and there to create a look that is light and fresh.

Your project included two rounds of revisions, if needed. Now is the first opportunity to request edits. Next, I will be coding your design into the Blog on a demo site, which you will be able to access online. You’ll be able to click around to view all the different pages and other features… And that’s when you’ll be able to ask for any last revisions before the design is finalized.

I hope you like the design concept I’ve put together for you! It’s turned out to be one of my favourites. 🙂 I look forward to your feedback!

[Photography Website Resign Request] Thanks – it looks great and I like it a lot! The only part I want to change is the brown corners on the photo slide show. Can it just be a white border please?

Also a few questions: I dont like the photo of me if I get another one taken at a later date would I be able to change it? How much would that cost to get you to change it? I could get the photographer to take a better head shot when my hair and make-up is done. Also if I add new photographers or videographer to the team how much does it cost to get their text + photos added? So I will look forward to the next stage!

[Website Design Company] Great! We are happy to make those changes for you. I’ll add the image you sent to the slideshow. How many other photos do you want added? By the way, I’ll be providing you with a .psd template and instructions for how you can make changes to this slideshow yourself going forward. You should find it fairly easy to do I think.

Also, the categories in the menu will automatically be whatever categories you create for your blog posts, so no need to manually update that. As for SEO, there’s an area of the blog automatically built in that allows you to have keywords added. One of the best tips though, is when you create blog posts, try to have keywords/search terms in your titles because that is weighed more heavily than other content.

We have done some customisation work with Photocart and Smug Mug and am happy to do so. We usually just bill this work at £30 per hour, and can add that to your final invoice. So if this is something you would like me to do, just pass along your login info and I’ll take care of it. In addition, I’ll be sending you a business card and DVD label design proof to review.

[Photography Website Resign Request] It’s looking great thanks! Can I just change a few things? If there is a reason for anything though just let me know.

Homepage: Can I add some more photos to the slide show please? Any of the ones I sent you before and would love the one attached added if possible.

About Us page: Can we change the link color (blue) to green to match the page?

Gallery page: Can we change the link color (blue) to green to match the page?

Sorry somehow I made line spacing in some of the video packages and can’t change it back to single spacing – doh! How do I fix that?

photography services: Did I give you the categories I want?

ecommerce site: Do you have any experience customising the ecommerce website to match websites/blogs?

Do you have any SEO advise for me?

I tried up upload multiple photos at one time which is one big reason I was attracted to Pro Photo but it seemed to crash on the 2nd or 3rd image so I had to do one by one. Is that normal? I resized the images first.

Okay, I’m so happy with everything else! I will write a few blog posts tonight including a big thanks and recommendation for you!

[Website Design Company] Great! I’ll remove the brown corners, and yes, I can make any updates you need in the future for you, which would just be billed at my current standard hourly rate, £30 per hour. I’ll also be sending you all the graphic files used for your design, so you could also make changes yourself later, if needed.

So now I’m going to be coding this design on the website and will be in touch once that’s done.

Just wanted to let you know that your design has now been implemented onto a demo site. Here are the admin details… Take some time to click around to the various pages and posts. Should you need any revisions, please let me know. Otherwise, if all looks good, then we can proceed with preparations in getting your new design launched on your domain.

[Photography Website Resign Request] Thanks for everything. It looks great and I’m so happy with your work!

[Website Design Company] I’m glad you like your new site! It’s been a pleasure working with you! We added your Twitter link. As for your categories, you can edit those on your admin panel, it will automatically update in your sites dropdown menu. So if you add a new “weddings” category or make any other changes, you might want to go back through your old blog posts to re-organize them a bit, making sure they’re in the category you want. Your project comes with three months complimentary support after your site is launched, so if you need anything else or have any other questions just let me know.

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